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Living with temptation is something that we as Christians can not avoid. Temptation is all around us, it comes in various forms. And Temptation can effect people differently. For instance, someone may be tempted to steal, but have no problem rejecting the thought of committing adultery. Or someone may have issues with lusting after women, but has no problem with shooting down the opportunity of stealing. We all have our weakness, we all have our temptations, and we all have our sins. None of us are perfect, we mess up sometimes. But that’s not to keep us from walking worthy of the call God has given us.

Though we might not be able to help the fact that we all are tempted by one thing or the other. We can stop entertaining the thoughts that come to our mind. When a thought comes, we have the ability to keep it and continue feeding the thought with our own thoughts. Or we can cast that thought down and refuse to continue thinking on it.

A perfect example of this was today I went to home depot to pick up a few things for work. The list did not include a new set of drills all though I believe it should have. Anyways I walk through the store and pick up all the material that I need and I proceed to walk to the check out line. When long and behold the drill set that I wanted was on an end cap, on sale. The thought immediately comes to my mind. “What,?! Rigid drill set for $159.99, that’s 20 dollars off!” but then I countered with “But my wife will kill me, I don’t even need them.” ( see, at that moment is where I should have cast down the thought of buying the drills and walked away.) (p.s but I didn’t) “But if I had the them I would use them on everything, I really need these.” I entertained the thought for several minutes before finally deciding that I really don’t have the extra cash for this, and walked away. But this is exactly what we do when we see something that is pleasing to the eye that we no we  need and we begin to dwell on it. The example doesn’t seem that bad, but if I went through with it I would have been of almost $200 out of my pocket and I would have an argument with my wife, etc. But what if the thing that is pleasing to the eye isn’t a drill, it’s a gentleman’s club, or  a drug. What then? Do you set there and think about satisfying  the temptation, or do you leave? This is where we need to learn how to cast down the small thoughts, that way when a dangerous thought like that comes up we have no problem casting it down.

Casting down thoughts are not hard to do, it’s as simple as saying to yourself. “I refuse to think on ……” and sometimes you will have to say it out loud because you mind will talk over you. Think about how Jesus resisted temptation, in the gospels it says that He spoke with scripture. When the thought surfaces, speak out with a scripture. If you don’t know any scripture, memorize a few so you can fight back. There is a battle to be fought in the arena of the mind, and you will be utterly destroyed if you do not know scripture to save you. People lose the battle everyday because they continue to feed their thoughts.  We need to make a conscious effort to discern our thoughts. To realize whether we should continue to think on them or cast them down. Remember you can’t help to be tempted, even Jesus was tempted. But Jesus never entertained them, as soon as the devil proposed something, Jesus always countered with a scripture.

So I challenge you to look up some battle verses and to do inventory of you mind. Throw out the thoughts that shouldn’t be in there. If One comes, don’t feed it just get rid of it.